Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eye Of The Tiger

The Rocky Film Poster. Thanks to
After I came home from work, I watched TV and saw the very first Rocky movie which starred Sylvester Stallone. The movie was slow-paced at times that I almost fell asleep a couple of times while watching the movie. Please don't let this statement stop from watching the film. It was one great movie.

Although having first seen it more than two decades ago (this gives you an idea about my age) the message it wants to convey is still clear. A lot of people can still identify and relate to Rocky's life and experiences. Now I fully understand why the film made Mr. Stallone a success. This film ,which he wrote, was his ticket out of poverty.

What was Rocky's message to all of us? I will be writing the two most important lessons which I have seen from the movie. These are just my opinions. You can add your own lessons to this list.

1. Make the most out of opportunities that are presented to you. Rocky was an unknown boxer who was given a title-shot World Heavyweight Championship by Apollo Creed. He trained hard for the fight and wanted to prove to every one that he has what it takes to be great. He was only boxer who survived 15 rounds against Apollo Creed. He was the only one who knocked him down. In the end, the final score didn't matter, some fights you win, some fights you lose. What mattered most is how well you have done and how well you have captured the heart and imagination of the people who saw your dedication, courage and persistence.

2. Others make excuses, others just do it. We've encountered people who say the reason why they didn't succeed is because they don't have enough cash, they have problems at home, they were born in the wrong neighborhood. Rocky experienced the same things. He was broke and he worked for a loan shark. Yet when the opportunity came, he rose to the occasion. He woke up at 4am to job every morning. Punched carcasses to strengthen his arm. He basically worked his butt-off. He gave no excuses. He just went to work.

Now many of you might think that Rocky is just pure fantasy. Well, you are half-right. The movie is based from Chuck Wepner's fight against Muhammad Ali in 1975. Although Chuck Wepner lost, not many expected that he would last 15 rounds with Ali.

Mr. Stallone also wrote the film when he was penniless. He agreed to sell the story for $35,000 just to star in the film. He turned down an offer as high as $250,000. Furthermore, all the producers he approach rejected him except the last one that offered to buy the script.

Persistence and the belief in what you are selling really pays off.