Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Let Us All Have A Prosperous New Year

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In a few days, we will be celebrating the new year. During the same time last year, we were planning how we will go about promoting and marketing GreenRides. We were thinking if there was a market. We were writing down possible business models that we would have.

Time flies so fast. We currently have four shops; two are company-owned and the other two franchised. There are a lot of challenges. There were also triumphs. We were able to get a lot of good people. We also let go of a few bad eggs. We are glad we made so many clients happy.

But we should not rest on our laurels. We need to strive for continuous improvement. We need to maintain our leadership position. As such, here are some of the New Year's resolution that I have written down (this list is my own, my partners have their own resolutions.):

1. Strive for excellent customer service. During our company general assemblies we always say that we want our customers to leave with a smile on their faces. We know that our company offers premium services, as such, we want our customers to feel that they are special. We want them to feel good after they have gotten their GreenRides service.

2. Create more value-added services that will benefit the employees, shareholders and franchisees. We are became the pioneer in the waterless car wash and wax in the Philippines. People see us as somewhat of an authority. We want to change that. We want them to perceive that we are THE AUTHORITY when it comes to waterless car cleaning. We are and will be constantly on the look-out for value-added services that we can offer our customers.

3. Expand and bring the service to more people. As more and more people look for our service, we are looking for more ways of bringing the service closer to them. We are going to strengthen our brand and expand our presence through continuous partnerships with like minded-people and organizations.

4. Provide assistance to entrepreneurs who are actively seeking new opportunities in green technology. We are at the tipping of climate change. We have seen and personally experienced the effects of global warming. Because of this, we are looking to work hand in hand with entrepreneurs, students and other businesses who are doing something to mitigate the effects of climate change or even improve the environment.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

I will continue writing about my experiences and the lessons I have learned after all the holiday celebrations. Thank you very much for following my blog. If you have any suggestions or questions you want me to answer, please feel free to contact me anytime.