Saturday, January 21, 2012

Positivity! Motivating Yourself in 2012

I hosted a forum yesterday. The forum was another project of the Ateneo Alumni Association through the Ateneo Speakers' Bureau. The topic of the forum was, Positivity: Motivating A Better You!

The speakers were quite amazing. We had Mr. Mike Palacios, he co-founded, currently the biggest forum portal in the Philippines. He had a very amazing story to share about grabbing opportunities and expanding businesses. Since he has been in the online industry, he gave valuable pointers on what can be done to expand your customer base using the Internet and how to get in touch with more people using new and upcoming media.

The second topic had two speakers, Coach Pia Acevedo and Pia Magalona. Pia Acevedo was my professor in Theology while I was still studying in Ateneo. She has positioned herself as a life coach that helps people create a difference for themselves. I do recommend that you go to their company's website and talk to them. I will be incorporating in my future blogs the things I learned from Coach Pia.

The third speaker was Mr. Hans Montenegro. He was an actor who successfully transitioned and made a career in the HR industry. He realized that being an actor was not a long-term career and job that was why, he decided to leave show business and have a career in HR. You don't meet a lot of people who are well-known in the HR industry as much as Hans Montenegro.

Further, he also had a very amazing story to share. He flunked his first year in the secondary education. He confessed that he didn't do well in school and had no idea what he wanted to do in his life.

In the next few days, I will writing about what each of these speakers talked about in detail. I will also try to get some pictures taken from the event and I will share it with you guys.

We are just beginning 2012. We are only in its first month... In spite of all the unsettling developments that we have, I do believe that this will be a year of opportunities and more positive things to come. We just have to make things happen. We need to stop dreaming and start doing.