Monday, January 2, 2012

Will You Be My Partner?

People think that one of the main issues with entrepreneurs is that they love to do things on their own. They believe that these mottoes apply to entrepreneurs:
  • If you want something done right, you do it yourself, and
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth
 This is why our idea of an entrepreneur is someone who has graying or thinning hair, always stressed out and always on the go. To some extent that is true. Entrepreneurs love to take charge. Entrepreneurs always point the direction where they want the company to go. They create the vision.

However, we seldom see that entrepreneurs also have partners whom they can rely on and trust. Entrepreneurs know their weaknesses and their limitations. They seek people who can back them up. They seek individuals who can provide the expertise that they don't have.

How do they do this? An entrepreneur's mind works differently. In my previous blog, I mentioned that entrepreneurs are people or persons who add value to something. It is natural for them to seek out people who can strengthen them and provide them the needed lift to get to their vision.

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You can see this at work in newly built corporations and partnerships. Two or more people get together, form a company and achieve its goals collectively. One is handling sales, another handles marketing, one person handling finance and so on and so forth. There are no two partners doing the same thing, otherwise chaos would ensue. There will be a clash of ideas and egos.

In GreenRides, my partner and I have agreed to take on certain roles. She is primarily handling the admin and finance side and I am handling business development and product expansion. Although we both handle marketing, we have agreed to debate, consult and support one another. There may be shouting matches at times regarding some ideas we want to try and implement, in the end, we always know and have agreed that we just want the company to expand and grow.

For those things that we don't know anything about, we have agreed that it would be best to outsource certain tasks. Once we decided to do this, we can focus on what we are good at.

For those who want to venture on their own, I suggest you seek a partner that will complement and complete your skills. If you decide to make on your own, the probability of failure is much larger. Even Donald Trump had some help in constructing his famous buildings!