Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Failed Media Campaign

One of the biggest clothing brands in the Philippines recently received flak because of its "What's Your Mix" ad.

The ad featured Filipinos with mixed bloodlines.

Quite a number of Filipinos have raised their eyebrows when they read the clothing brand's manifesto,
"Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalities with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class."
Just by looking at it, the statement can be misunderstood by so many Filipinos. It somehow gives a misconception that if you want your kids to be beautiful, marry a foreigner. Or, mixed-blooded Filipinos are prettier than 100% Filipinos.

It also equates "mixing and matching" your clothes to one's nationality.

It just so happened that the models who were chosen in the ads did not have any choice on who their parents would be. They turned out the way they did because of genes. It did not have anything to do about mixing and matching ones' genes with other nationalities.

It is also quite ironic that at the end of the ad, the manifesto exhorts us to BUY FILIPINO. Does this mean are we going to buy 100% Filipino or not?