Sunday, November 13, 2011

Green Ventures

Various studies done by different organizations, especially United Nations, notes that we are in the brink of climate change to the effects of global warming. NASA said that 2009 was the warmest decade of the new millennium (

It has been observed that the main contributor of greenhouse gases is man. Unabated population growth and economic development based on inefficient systems have greatly contributed to the rapid increase in earth's temperatures. While this theory has been highly contentious, we can not deny the fact that our summers have been hotter, rainy days have been wetter, storms have grown much stronger and the whole climate has been chaotic the past few years.

Mr. Al Gore has been the so-called voice of climate change. He has been harping about its effects on nature and man. While we have seen and experienced for ourselves these consequences, we are finding it hard to let go some of the conveniences that we have grown accustomed to; like using a car for short-trips, or putting an air-con on high during a warm day.

There is a need to use our limited resources more efficiently and responsibly. Some say that oil will be used by 2050, others say we still have 100 years of oil left. But there is really no way of knowing how much oil we have.

75% of our planet is water, yet only three percent is fresh water and only one percent is available to us? The rest are trapped in glaciers and ice bergs! Yet, we see people waste precious water all the time. Faucets are kept open when not in use.
Something must be done before we reach global warming's tipping point, an event when we can not fully reserve nor recover from it's effects nor consequences. And since, business is one of the biggest contributors of climate change, then business must also be able to help mitigate, slow down or even reserve the effects of climate change.

This blog is about how businesses in the Philippines, from small-enterprises to large corporations are doing what they can to help promote a cleaner and healthier earth. The "Green Articles" page will be about news and updates from different sources regarding the initiatives and studies done in various fields.

We will also feature other initiatives done to promote environment-friendly products and services.

Finally, we are asking our readers to contribute articles that they think are good and viable-business opportunities that also promote and take care of our environment.