Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Starting A Green Venture

Whenever I am interviewed, I am inevitably asked this question... How did you choose your business?

It is understandable since a lot of Filipinos would want to put up their own business but don't know where to get into. Sometimes, they just go into franchising a food cart because someone they know is in it. Or they join multi-level marketing companies because of the so-called training and support group.

However, like most people who want to go into business without any passion or technical knowledge, they end up confused and bitter. Quite a handful have even lost their savings because of it.

So why or how did I come up with this business?

I must give credit where credit is due. I was talking to my partner about the possibility of putting up a car wash business that will cater to condominium tenants and village residents. Of course the first hurdle that we thought of was where to get the water needed to clean the cars and how will we transport it.

From that statement alone, you can see that there is a problem that presents itself with a profitable opportunity. If you must know, condominium rules and regulations strongly discourage the washing of cars inside the parking premises because it dirties the area and might become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Furthermore, village residents (especially in exclusive villages) need to go out to have their cars washed while they are waiting in an open area, normally beside smoke-filled roads and water being sprayed a few feet away from them. This is the reason why the customers of car washes are guys. The fairer sex would normally go to mobile car washes found inside malls.
Demo with Mr. Joey Lina

She was the one who searched for this new concept in the Internet and found a very viable business opportunity from NoWet Waterless Car Clean in Australia.

Going back, how did I choose my business? Because we, my partner and I, can see that there is a need for it. As for the demand? Well, that will be the subject of my future blogs. But it will be a very practical and real world lesson for budding entrepreneurs and management students.

The first thing to ask yourself when thinking of putting up a new venture, who will be your target market? Or is there a need for your product or service?

In our case, yes we found out that there is a need. And we are happy to note that our venture is slowly being recognized by different organizations. We have been featured in GMA7's Unang Hirit and ANC's Green Living. In the next few days, Manila Bulletin will come out with a magazine wherein there will be a write-up about our company. Solar Sports has also scheduled a taping in our first shop. K4S295AJUMEA

Let me ask you a question; what business do you want to get into? And is there a need for your product or service?