Monday, February 6, 2012

The Art of Selling

When I was in college, I told myself that I would not be a salesman. My idea of a salesman is someone who sells insurance, condominiums and those Electro-lux men. They would hound you at all times of the day, calling and texting you just to get a sale.

Little did I know that the art of selling is an everyday occurrence. We sell our ideas to our friends when we tell stories. We sell our point of view to our partners when we tell them our ideas. We sell our vision to our employees when we tell them what are our plans. Selling cannot be avoided; it is part of our every day life. We are selling all the time even if we are not aware of it.

Entrepreneurs understand that selling is a great part of whether their business will succeed or not. They understand that they need to sell their products so that they can pay for their expenses and earn profits to expand and grow their business. They train people until they are capable of selling their products.
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But what happens if someone who has not sold anything is suddenly put in a situation where he needs to sell? Most often than not, he will be shy. He will not be able to meet his quota and will blame extraneous circumstances for his failure. When he has not met his quota for a couple months, there will come a time when he will blame his boss or the products themselves. This scenario is not only harmful to the individual but also to the company as well.

Entrepreneurs must place importance on product and sales training. He must make sure that everyone of his employees know what the product can do for their consumers before they go out. The entrepreneur must feel assured that his sales staff will be able to overcome any objections placed by their target market.

In my experience, I have come to realize that there are three important factors that determine the success of each sales staff. The factors are:
  • Knowing your customers. 
  • Sell them the benefit they will be getting when they buy your product.
  • Buying is emotional.
In my next blogs, we will be discussing these factors in detail to help you become a successful salesman. You can also use these three when talking to anyone to win them on your side.

Lastly, the mastering the art of selling takes time. You may see that some people have the knack for selling - natural salesmen; while others are not good at it. You must need to practice often and practice consciously to be able to sell more.