Friday, February 3, 2012

Change Management

I was unable to write and update my blog for a few days since I have asked my partner to redesign and customize my blog. We have agreed that my blog should be easy for the viewers to use and view the articles I have written and at the same time, be personalized to reflect my own identity. She is still in the process of redesigning my blog.

There also comes a point in every company where we need to change and shake-up things. Most employees want the status quo. Unfortunately, no one thrives by being in the same environment for so long. Major changes have to be made so that companies will prosper and reach higher levels.

Life on earth wouldn't be possible if there were no major cataclysmic changes that happened. The earth would be all rocks and gases if no meteorites hit our planet. Recent studies say that the water in our planet may have come from meteors and comets.

Why and when do we need to shake-up things? Is it really even important?

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When you are working, you want to have a routine. Routine helps you in making schedules and meeting deadlines. Unfortunately, routine can also hinder your growth. When you get comfortable with the routine, you don't look for ways to do your job more creatively. You get stuck and stumped when certain issues arrive that you haven't handled before.

Encountering change and being placed in a new environment can help you see clearly and offers you more perspectives. You begin to see your paradigm shift and you begin to solve problems more creatively. When change happens, we get uncomfortable at first but we adjust. During the adjustment phase, we are open to ideas that will help us address our concerns more creatively.

When we stay and stick to the routine for so long, we begin to stagnate. We get bored and we often find ourselves on automatic-pilot. Our performance doesn't go up but may eventually go down - a plateauing of sorts. This is what we want to avoid.

A good indicator of how we can avoid this trap is by continually challenging ourselves and our company. In GreenRides, we have been so used to cleaning cars that my partner and I will be expanding our services soon enough. This will force our employees to learn more and get out of their comfort zones. But before you implement changes here are some of the things you must consider:
  1. Have you reached your peak performance? You must ensure that you have learned everything you must before you can move on to higher levels. You must be able to master walking before you can start running. When you jump or skip levels, you are bound to fail and fall hard. Make sure that you learn master one task before you advance to another task.
  2. Learn new things but build on present knowledge. When you want to improve things, you must make that you build on what you currently know. There is no use in learning calculus if you don't know how to add and subtract first. The knowledge that you currently poses will be used to move to a higher level. This is why I ask you to learn to master and be expert first before you move on.
  3. Accept other ideas. There are people who have done the same things as you are doing. Some may have failed miserably and others have succeeded quite well. Learn from them. Learn why they failed and understand why they succeeded. Use this to your advantage. There is no use making the same twice.