Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buying Is An Emotional Decision

"How does your waterless car wash and wax work?"

"Well, sir, we just spray our NoWet Waterless Car Clean solution on a panel of your car. The solution emulsifies and it lifts off the dirt from the surface of your car. We then wipe it off. The solution also contains wax that protects your car from the harmful elements of Metro Manila, making your investment last longer."

"How long does the protection last?"

"The protection last for 4 weeks. The dirt and the dust will not stick on your car unlike conventional car washes since the wax we are using is non-static."

"How much is your car wash?"

"It's four hundred pesos for a waterless car wash and wax. But we do have a four-week guarantee. You can bring your car here for three times within the four-week period. Effectively, you are able to save more in terms of money, time and effort since you will not be bringing your car to a car wash as often."

"Okay, you can clean my car."

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People tend to buy once you have broken through their emotional barrier. In most cases, a logical appeal or statement will not work since people are often preoccupied thinking about their own needs and wants.

Here are some of the common emotional appeals that can help you understand people and breakthrough the emotional barrier put-up by people:
  1. People want to get more something and acquire something which they don't have. 
  2. People want to avoid loss and embarrassment.
  3. People want to treated and seen as special or unique. 
In the above discussion, there are several emotional appeals that we have used to encourage our clients to get our services.
  • We want our clients to protect their investment. By getting our service, we tell our clients that their cars will last longer. Our NoWet Waterless Car Clean solution also protects their cars from dirt and dust.
  • Save money, time and effort. People don't want their time and hard-earned money to be wasted. This is the reason why they come to us. They don't need to go to a conventional car wash as often.
Learn to address their emotional needs and you will broken through one of the barriers that people put up.