Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's LIN-sane

I know that most of you are quite tired reading about Jeremy Lin and what he has done for the struggling New York Knicks. I would look at add some of my thoughts what he has done and what he is and try to relate it with what being in business has got to do with his exploits. If you don't want to see anymore of Jeremy Lin, I urge you not to continue reading this blog.

The NBA and Asians are fascinated by one player who is named Jeremy Lin. We had no who Jeremy Lin is and where he came from before he showed what he can do in the hard court. For those who want to know about Lin's story, you can check it out here.

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I would just like to point out several things that an entrepreneur and a business-owner can learn from Jeremy Lin.

1. Never lose hope.
Jeremy Lin went undrafted in NBA after graduating from Harvard. Most scouts hardly noticed him and his talents. In fact, several NBA teams let him go after they acquired him. Before being acquired by the Knicks, his most recent team was the Golden State Warriors.
 Yet, Lin persevered and worked hard. He studied the game and improved it. When the opportunity came knocking, he was ready.
Most of the time, we are dreaming about that one opportunity that will let the world know us. We tell ourselves that when he get that one opportunity, we will let the world know what we can do and how good we are. We must also realize that we always be prepared. We must be ready at all times. Opportunity knocks in the most unexpected moments. 
Lin's opportunity came when Coach D' Antoni of New York had no hope left and was willing to try out anything. 
2. Always work hard.
We have read stories about Jeremy Lin and how fame has not changed him. His team mates has said time and again that Lin continually works hard even in practice. This also translates to how hard we see play on the floor. It is not often that we see a 6'3" guard out-score Kobe Bryant or heave a game-winning shot. 
His statistics is a testament of how hard he plays and plays to win. Aside from scoring, he rebounds and makes plays. Because of his dedication to the game, he has made his team mates look good!
3. Faith in God.
People say that Jeremy Lin is the Tim Tebow of the NBA. I beg to disagree. Jeremy Lin is the Jeremy Lin of the NBA. He is unique. He has special talents that he used to the fullest. His talent is brought about by his faith in God.
It may be easy for Lin to blame God on why he was not drafted. It may be easy to feel down and out when teams dropped him. But he did not. He stayed positive and knew that better things are laid out for him if he just prepared for it. 
Will his star continue to rise? Will he play the game consistently? It really doesn't matter. What matters is that he has given people hope. And I think with that. he has already done more than enough...