Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creating Championship Teams

All organizations have politics. It doesn't matter if you are a big multi-national company or just starting-out. It just happens that some politicking are more pronounced than others.

My partner and I have had our share of politics in the office. We've had to let go of some people because we have seen and heard how they talk. These people create discord and talk negatively about other people behind their backs.

Since we are a young organization, we want our employees to feel they are part of the family. We want them to understand that we are all working towards a common goal. A good team must work together to achieve its dream. A great example of this is the Dallas Mavericks. They only had one legitimate superstar but was able to work together to beat the heralded Miami Heat.
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How can a team or an organization be able to work harmoniously together? I will use examples from the Dallas Mavericks.
  1. Work hard. When things got rough for them, they never gave up. In fact, people were counting them out even on the first-round of the play-offs; but they persevered and fought on. They fought hard each time.
  2. Know your common goals. The Dallas Mavericks knew what their goal was. It was never to reach the play-offs. It was to win the NBA Championship! They never had the best record in the NBA coming into the play-offs but they knew why they were playing the first place. All of them wanted to win. 
  3. Respect your roles. Not everyone can be a superstar. In a team, you have a point guard that calls out the play, a center that helps in getting the ball during a miss. Every one must know the roles that they play. Unfortunately, a team on the court can't be all point guards. Know what your role is and be good at it! 
  4. Listen to the coach. When you are in the field, you are too attached on the situation. A coach tells you where are the weak spots in the opposing team or how you can score when the defense tightens. Always listen to the coach and respect him when he asks you to sit on the bench for a few minutes.
  5. Always seek improvement. You don't get to be a championship team if you think you are better than all the other teams. You become a championship team through constant improvement. You must seek ways to constantly improve your free throw or three-point accuracy. Once you stop improving, it will become your downfall.